Fallin’ into Fall!

Fallin into Fall!

Cadi Zoeller, Contributor

As the weather begins to cool and the wind begins to blow, our summer outfits have got to go. Now, here in Georgia, the weather fluctuates meaning we’ll have to transition bit by bit. 

There are a ton of easy ways to begin your transition to fall fashion without going too far and having the summer heat waves come crashing back. Little changes like sweaters and combat boots instead of hoodies and sneakers are simple ways to make a little change. Combat boots are super in this season and many places have really affordable options which are great for finance-friendly fashion. Try changing from silver to gold jewelry or maybe a different hairstyle. Darker, warm tones are more fall while bright cool tones are summery. 

Take senior Hannah Stai for example. As a ‘Best Dressed’ superlative nominee and finalist, Hannah always comes to school looking her best. Pulling inspiration from her mom’s high school fashion and Pinterest, Hannah’s fall transition has been quite easy. Once again, throwing in some darker colors and a chunky sweater can do wonders for a simple summer-to-fall transitional outfit. 

There are a million little ways to add a bit of fall to your outfits and with warm weather coming to an end, now is the perfect time to start your fall transition. Keep yourself warm this season and Go Cats!