Fashion Through the Ages

Mariah Flores, Contributor

On the Thursday of homecoming week, we saw all the styles from way back when! From Paul Revere-Esque clothing to the bright and vibrant hippie clothes straight from the 1970s, walking into school was like a blast from the past. Gotta say some people look better today than ever before, while others, usually the height of fashion, look a little more… well, interesting. 

A lot of people put some serious effort into their clothing choices for decades day, they woke up that morning and said watch out world here I come! Flared leggings and jerseys made a prominent comeback along with crazy patterns and grunge-based outfits that were complete with guitars and caution tape. Lots of girls rocked the colorful workout clothing 80s craze. We saw a variety of colorful leotards, leg warmers, leggings, headbands, and sparkly shoes. Cut tanks, scrunchies, long bright jewelry, and crazy hairstyles seemed to be all the rage.

On the other end of the spectrum, there were quite a few hats and jersey combos with jeans that were most definitely falling down. Shorts were worn underneath jeans that only can up to mid-thigh in lieu of a style we all hope stays in the past and never comes back around.

Highlights of the day were a dude with a skateboard riding down the hall, the insufferable amount of boom boxes and similar items, guitars, full-on outfits with wigs, and one dude who went more than a few decades far back and dressed up as Jesus.