Axel Garcia Working at the Medieval Fair

Axel Garcia Working at the Medieval Fair

Perry Sullivan, Contributor

Last weekend Deaton held its annual medieval fair, where you could find performers displaying things like medieval cooking, dancing, sparring, and my favorite; medieval weapons. At this amazing fair, a few whitewater students and their teacher worked at booths. 

Both the students had gotten this opportunity through this teacher, and in my interview with one of them have expressed great gratitude for the opportunity because without the teacher having known one of the people working on history fairs, they may have not gotten the opportunity. 

One of the attending students was Axel Garcia, who worked at a booth that displayed medieval writing techniques using a quill and ink, a wax tablet, and a stylus. Now you might be wondering, how did they know how to do that, well my dear child, they were taught. 

Axel arrived on Saturday to be taught how to demonstrate the writing techniques and then presented them to guests on Sunday. Not only did they learn how to write with a quill and ink, but they also learned how to present the information to guests. Axel has stated that one of their favorite things to do at the firm was learning how to write with a quill and ink. 

Of course, Axel didn’t just work at the booth, they got to explore a bit. Axel has stated that not only did they enjoy their work, but they also got to spar with one of their friends, and got to dance with their favorite teacher. While they got to explore they also saw interesting crystals, traditionally made crafts, enjoyed medieval foods, and got to see several trained professionals spar properly.

Needless to say, I think Axel really enjoyed their time at the fair and personally, I hope I get the opportunity to work at one as well, it sounds amazing!