Working For The Future


Ally Reynolds

Working for a company while still in school can help better prepare students for their future. Students can develop social, mechanical, and leadership skills. The responsibility of helping customers and coworkers allows students to gain experience in helping others. Even though a job as a young adult may seem like a huge responsibility, a job will teach students many skills ensuring more opportunities and success for the future.
For Jaden Allen (12), working at Publix has provided his new skills for his future.  “Publix being my first job has really taught me about discipline and respect for all people. I have learned many new skills and the importance of being on time. I am mainly bagging groceries and bringing in carts but working with people has really taught me to value customer service. I absolutely love working there and I recommend everyone to work there too. I still plan to work at a Publix in college as well,” Jaden Allen (12) said.
For Anna Grace Scott (12), working at Partner’s Pizza II has better prepared her for her future. “I really love working at Partners, since I work with some of my good friends and love the staff.  In my time working here, I have learned to manage money better and save for the things that really matter. It has helped me to learn to work well with others a Partners as well as responsibility,” Anna Grace Scott (12) said.
Although some business work comes with hardships, the students move forward with the experience and skills that the jobs have taught them.  Having work experience can also benefit the students for hiring at future job opportunities. Furthermore, social, mechanical, and leadership skills will increase a student’s chances of getting future jobs.