Playing for the Last Time

Caroline Breedon, Editor-In-Chief

As this year comes to an end, the baseball team says goodbye to their seniors. Most of these seniors have been playing on the team throughout high school and middle school so saying goodbye can be tough. Senior Zach Leischner says, “I’ve played with a lot of these guys and been around them for years and knowing that this is the last season I get to play with the guys I grew up with is heartbreaking. I love my guys, like I said, I grew up with them and we’ve all seen each other grow as a unit which is big for this upcoming season. I’ve been playing baseball for about 13 years now and I grew up loving it. My dad played baseball for West Point so I guess he would be my biggest inspiration. Baseball has taught me a lot of things throughout my life; discipline, work ethic, and leadership are all big ones for me.”