Dresses Through the Decades

Prom Picture from 1990

Prom Picture from 1990

Breanna Meier, Writer

Every spring, girls get out there, searching for the perfect dress to wear to their schools biggest event of the year, Prom. Now prom dresses haven’t stayed the same since the 1980’s, let alone the 1950’s! From poofy sleeves all the way to mermaid skirts, prom dresses are ever changing. The so called, “perfect” dress back in 2010 definitely wouldn’t make the cut for 2020 prom. 

In 1980 the Prom attire was poofy sleeves, tight dresses to the hip then big and flowy. And don’t forget the overnight curlers for the short hair and bangs. 

1990 was the notorious mermaid skirt/dress, lace trim around the neck, and gloves. The poofy sleeves were still in, but dresses were undergoing a change to sleeveless. A girl’s hair was still short, but big and curly.

2000’s were very different. Dresses were almost all sleeveless. No gloves, Hair was long, and lightly curled, and half of their hair was pulled back. Dresses were mainly long and poofy/flowy. 

2010 you saw solid bold colors, open backs, again, almost all sleeveless, with some bedazzle. Hair was pulled back completely, and Girls often had hair clips in. 

Prom 2020 is new. Make it you! Be bold! Have fun! Go find that perfect dress that makes you look like a supermodel! Be creative! And make memories!