FCBOE: COVID-19 on 03/16/2020


Landen Baynard, Editor-In-Chief

Over the weekend, we have seen to spread of COVID-19 nearly doubled in the state of Georgia. A report on Friday said the state of Georgia had 66 confirmed cases. A report released today says that number has jumped to 121, with still only 1 death. With the COVID1-19 rapidly spreading in Georgia, FCBOE has another response to the situation:

“Due to the Public Health State of Emergency for COVID-19 (coronavirus) issued by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on March 14, Fayette County Public Schools will remain closed for students and staff through March 27. The closure affects all programming at the schools, including before and after school activities, all athletic and extracurricular practices and competitions, and weekend events. We will notify you by no later than noon on March 26 about the operational status of our school system for the week of March 30 through April 3”

The school has utilized the Chromebooks and has moved the student body to virtual learning. All assignments and classes with be taught online for the time being.

FCBOE will continue to monitor the situation and update the county on their twitter and their website. For more information regarding FCBOE and COVID-19, click here.

The Whitewater Weekly will continue to update the student body as FCBOE releases more information.