Virtual Learning


As school continues to be closed week after week, students have been participating in online classes. Many teachers have started their online learning by using Zoom, a popular app that allows people to see and speak with each other on their phones or computers. Sophomore Nate Pruiksma stated, “I Like online school because I can work at my own pace. I feel like you have more time to complete work and it’s just more comfortable. It was definitely harder to figure out at first, but once you figure it out and how to turn in work, it’s not difficult.” Not only have students been working hard, but teachers have as well. AP World and AP European History teacher, Mrs. G, states, “Nothing compares to being in the classroom. Getting to see your faces, interact with you, asking questions….online learning to me is lesson personable. We don’t get those daily interactions and I miss that. I can record my lectures that I would normally do in class. So you are still getting the same content and powerpoints that I would normally use. However, once again we are removing the human element of teaching. The interactions, the questions. This is new to everyone: teachers, students, parents, administration. We are all trying to adapt and change and figure out what works best for everyone. With that comes a level of stress for everyone as we work together to try and figure this out. We are seriously in this together and I think everyone has done an amazing job being flexible with the current situation. My students are doing great! They are keeping up with their assignments. They are emailing me and asking questions if they don’t understand something. I have been very impressed and grateful to everyone for their hard work and ability to self advocate if they need help. With online learning, communication is important and I feel as though my students are being responsible and communicating with me.”